Search Engine Optimization Chennai

Search Engine Optimization Chennai
"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first" - Wendy Piersall

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Google next level

Competitions between the search engines makes people to get the better results.
Now a days viewers have been trying to get a better and accurate results.
For this new year 2010,Google comes up with its new invention called "Google Personalized Search Engine System".
Probably,this new inventions will be highly helpful for web surfers all around the world.
This new tool will helps you in makes the searches easier, by taking you to website,which you have often visited and you likes the website most.
New generation of this Google tool will makes the searches easy and getting the better convention
in the web researches related businesses.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Content Writing Optimization

Optimizing the code and content of your website
Content of the website must be written in the nice format. It is better to hire a professional content writer for your website.
Most of the people have a thought,that they can hire a content writer as a freelancer. They will use them for two or three months.
But it is better to hire a content writer for a long term contract. Because you can utilize such
content writer for writing content for articles,blogs and press release.
Because while we are taking off page optimization,article submission,blog submission and link buildings are important jobs to do.
So,we can use these content writer for write a perfect and valuable content for articles,blogs.
Visitors can came to know about your new products through these type of articles and
blogs alone.
Hence content writing is one of the important step in the on page optimization. Content writers will be helpful for both on page optimization and off page optimization,you can find the good conversion and traffic.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Video Optimization

  • One of the optimization,helpful in making your visitor or clients, clear about your concept of website and products.
  • Mainly this process helpful for industries and mechanical machinery. Because you can easily explain the functions of your products easily.
  • For getting the better ranking and good position in the search engines,in addition to other process in optimization,you need to follow the video optimization too.
  • Because it will increase your website status in the web world and search engines.
  • While comparing to your competitor website,it will easily reach your targeted website
  • But videos link must be easy to open and it should show any disturbances in playing
  • So,Video optimization is one of the process helpful in sales conversion and better website traffic.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Search Engine Optimisation Basics

  • In earlier days,search engine optimisation has been followed by the website owners or webmasters,mainly for making the website to come up in the first ten position.
  • But ,now it has been entirely changed. Now, it will be useful for getting the better traffic and also for better conversion in sales of the company.
  • According to me,people must concentrate both traffic and sales.
  • Because,just getting traffic alone,with out sales is meaningless.
  • People who have been running their websites for the search engines alone, mainly concentrate on the traffic alone.
  • But people who have been working for their companies must concentrate on both traffic and sales.
  • Then it will be called as a perfect search engine optimization.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Internet marketing promoting tips

  • Sales and marketing of the companies have been mainly depends up on website.
  • Designing and development of websites are very important for better conversion.
  • Website must be user friendly to the visitors,in turn it makes the visitor to return back to your website.
  • Motivating the buyer or customers by your excellent service.
  • Keyword research is the important task in this field. but don't spam the search engines.
  • Better quality of website content helps you to get more number of visitor.
  • Instead of taking risk in content writing by making yourself,you can approach a professional content writer for the better content.
  • Because the website content tells the status and perfection of your website to your client or customers.

Black hat and White hat in Internet marketing

For the better conversion through seo,you can follow the white hat seo instead of
black hat seo. Because the white hat seo focus the customers or client,but not to the
search engines. Hence it is strongly recommended to follow white hat seo.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Promote your business in your home place

  • Add your complete contact information in your website
  • Choosing of the title for the contact page is very important.
  • Don't forget to add your contact details in your meta descriptions and keywords.
  • It is better to place your contact at the bottom of every pages.
  • Add your details in local search engines and social network with your location of your business.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Domain Names Tips

Domain name taken must be similar to the main keyword selected by us.

Localize our website : If your business is inside a locality,for example.
If you used to keeping your business dealing inside India,
then you keep your domain name as
Avoid space inbetween your keywords, it will make your visitor to redirect to your
It is better to get .com instead of .net or org.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Social Media Optimization Tips

Methods created for attracting visitors to your website by promoting and publicizing it through
social media.
Social Media Features
Some of the social media important features in addition to the content are
Rss feeds
Social News
Sharing buttons
User ratings
Polling tools

Promotional Activity
Excluding content,some of the important features are
Commenting on the other blogs
Participating in the forum discussions
Posting websites and companies updates on blogs and
social networking profile.

In some cases,it will be related to SEM,but differs in some categories.
Tracking traffic from source,instead of tracking in search engines. Improved
Search Ranking will be denoting the successful SMO.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Importance of H1 tag tips

  • H1 tags are more important than the metatags.
  • It is much important than large fonts or titles present in your web pages.
  • Search engine gives importance to this h1 tags,when they are crawling through your website.
  • Fonts found inside the h1 tags are not more important.
  • Search engine never mind about the font size of inside h1,it will check whether the word is in between the h1 tags.
  • Obviously,h1 tags are giving for primary keywords or title in your website.
  • In some cases,primary keyword will be come under the middle of the content or sub topic.
  • In such cases,you can give the tags for the keywords and by using css, we can the make the title in to normal size.
  • It is part of the on page optimization.

Friday, December 4, 2009

search engine optimization tips in social networks

Now a days,people started to join in large number of social network websites like twitter,face book,
We can use these types of social networks in useful way for our search engine optimization.
Register your profile in social networks.
Your profile should contain links to your website.
People will view your profile from different part of the world.
So there is lot of chances for viewing your website.
Even you can get a new business or people can share new ideas regarding your business.
Hence,It is the one of the easiest and interesting way in search engine optimization tips.

Forum Submission Tips

Forum Submission belongs to the off page optimization in seo.
There are large number of forum submission directories in the search engines.
You can participate or involve in those type of conversations and add a link to your websites.
It will be one of the important tips in making your websites familiar all around the world.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Article Submission tips

  • In off page optimization,article submission plays an important role.
  • Webmasters or site owners can publish the article about their websites in article directories.
  • There are large number of article directories found all over the world.
  • This makes the people to familiar about your content importance.
  • And also you can give your website's url for your reference.
  • It will be external links for your website and you can easily get indexed by search engines.
  • It seems to be part of off page optimization, but small bricks are used to constructing big buildings.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best SEO Quotes

"Ideal three steps for nice SEO"

  • Better Communication
  • Nice Content will make the site to be indexed by the search engines
  • By the getting the quality back links.

"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first"
- Wendy Piersall

"You can chase whatever keywords and phrases you like,but all the end of the day its all
about that conversations - Matt Webb

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Keywords positioning in the web page

  • Repetition of keywords are essential one,but there must be a limit.
  • It can be 3 to 5 times inside the body of your page.
  • It will be effective one,but don't try to spam the search engines.
  • It is better to arrange the keywords in the top of the web pages.
  • While writing the content for your website, try to make some of the keywords inside your content to appear in dark letters,comparing to other letters.
  • In the front page,you can make some of the main keywords to appear in the top or bottom of the page with the hyperlinks of your website url.

Importance of metatags descriptions

It is important step more than that of keyword metatags.
Because search engines like Google often index the web pages by using this description more than
that of metatags keywords.
Make the selected keywords to include inside the description.
But don't include the description as a collection of keywords.
It is better to write your description and content of your website by the professional
content writer.
Good description will be between 25 to 30 words.

Keywords in Metatag

As we already discussed, it is the part of on page optimization.
But the keywords found must be relevant to our website.
In some cases,people try to give more number of websites for getting a better traffic.
But it is better to give long keywords instead of spamming of search engines.
It is important step,but not more important than metatag description.

Website Promotion and keyphrases in webpage title

The title which you are including must be coincide with the keyword in the main page
It is better to include the main key phrase in the main page of your website
Try to make your title little bit shorter that other sub titles.
Try to place your keyword phrases in the proper location.
But avoid spamming the search engines.

Keyword Optimization tips

Important Stages in Search Engine Optimization Positioning
Choosing the right keywords are the important steps in the search engine optimization.
It is better to check the keywords with your competitors websites.
After selecting the relevant keywords for your website,make the website optimize by using the selected keywords.
Link building is the important step to do in your site promotion. It is recommended to get the quality reciprocal links instead of getting paid links.