Search Engine Optimization Chennai

Search Engine Optimization Chennai
"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first" - Wendy Piersall

Friday, October 30, 2009

Link Building strategy

Link building is one of the main step following in search engine optimization.
Two way links are better than three way links.
Most of the them are trying to do three way links,because they don't want to open a link page in their main site.
Instead of that,they will provide you a junk sites. So,Webmaster must be aware of these kind of 3 way links.
And also these type of link exchanges never helps you in lift up your website in search engines. Hence, webmaster can make a two way link exchange with other websites. It will helpful in many ways in developing your website.
Link Building Strategy is one of the main step in off-page optimization.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anchor Text Optimization

One of the on-page optimisation process. Actually,anchor text is the visible text of hyperlink.
For example
Behind this text,there is a hyperlink that makes you to enter in to the website page.
It must be perfect,because search engines crawl mainly depends on these hyperlinks.
It must be coincide with the content given in the web page.
The search engine spiders are not only looking for text, but also are interested in the keywords you utilize in your anchor text for links.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Search Engine Optimization tips

On page factors
Content and structure of site
  • Age of site
  • Length of the domain has been registered
  • Age of content
  • Uniqueness of content (individuality)
  • Regular updating of contents.
Off page factors
Relationship of sites with other sites.
  • Incoming backlinks and anchor text of incoming back links
  • Negative scoring for some incoming back links (from low value pages,reciprocated back links,paid links,link farm)
  • Rate of acquisition of back links :Too many,too fast could indicate "unnatural "link buying activity.
  • Test surrounding outward links and incoming back links
  • Use of sub-domain,use of keywords in sub domains and also for well ranking stay away from only pages,frames,flash and java script.
Some of the off page factors that we cant exclude
  • Stay away form link farms and paid links
  • Web promotion - blogs,content sites,articles,directories,etc..
  • Don't ever quit gaining quality links.
It helps the search engines to index your site easily

Search Engine Algorithms

Every Search Engines will always crawl the website by using some algorithms. Search Engine Algorithm scan is for the frequency and location of keywords on a web pages. So Keywords given in the meta tags must be present in the content of website. But it should not spam the search engine.
Every webmasters are trying to get the page rank for their websites. Because websites rank implies the important of the website page. Hence every webmasters need a clear idea about the concepts of search engine algorithms,how the search engines reaches our website.
Search Engine is a extensive data base, that uses algorithms to pull information quickly and efficiently,making information easily available.
Search Engine uses spiders and robots to search the information.

PPC - Paid per click is different from seo
PPC - Paid Ranking
SEO - Natural Ranking.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Long Tail Keywords

It is the main step following by most of webmasters all around the world for getting a quick websitetraffic.
Instead of adding few words as a keyword,we can add it as a phrases.
Obviously people will search for long phrases instead of single or two keywords.
Hence it is recommended to follow long tail keywords instead of individual keywords.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

URL'S Role in SEO

URL Performing the important role in website promotion.
Because website names,contents present in the websites must be related with the url of the website.
Because search engine crawls will pick your website easily by the words present in the url too. So,people must be aware of keeping the website name,content and selecting the best url,that must be concide with each other.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Image Optimization

In search engine optimisation, Optimising of images are also important steps to be taken in improving our website promotion.
Obviously, Every visitors viewing the site will go through the images,more than the text..
When the visitor is entering the website,the image loading time must be less.
Because the visitor will be get irritating,if it take more time to load.
Hence the image optimisation is one of the essential step in Search Engine Optimisation.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Search Engine Optimization tips to promote your website ranking

Search Engine Optimization tips
1. At first, we have to be sure about the content of website that it will be useful for the visitor and it must be true and perfect.
There are many seo reference websites for you to search the perfect content of website.
It will be called as a seo copewriting services in the seo field.

2.Next one,important step in promoting a website. Researching of suitable keywords for your website.
According to me,Google provide us a tool for research about the keywords of your website.
Most probably, we can get a sufficient and eligible keywords from this tool.
Search for the keywords


3.Google Analytics ,one of the excellent tool provided by Google for tracking your website traffic,visitor details,visitor location,from which search engine or source.

Steps for joining in this program...

You need a gmail account
Then you have to paste the metatags provided by tool in your web page as per the terms and conditions of google analytics.

For more details
click the following page


4. Addition to the metatag , you have to add keywords and description in the index page script.

5. Webmaster Tools,the tool regarding with the google crawl. In the same way as Google analytics,we have to add the metatag in the index page.
One of the important thing in the webmaster tool is the sitemap submission.
It helps the Google bot to crawl the site and get the details clearly about your site.
The sitemap should be submitted as the xml page.

6.Apart from the onsite optimization,you have to do some offsite optimization steps
like Link building
Directory submission
Blog,Article,Forum Submission.

It will be supportive work in promoting your website.


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